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Average annual return over the past ten years.

ASX 2016 Long-term Investing Report - Residential property returns continue to be strong!

The four main asset classes and how they’ve performed over time. As reported in the ASX’s 2016 Long-term Investing Report, Australian residential investment property averaged an 8% return per annum over ten years to December 2015. Investing in property is obviously very expensive and hard to get into, but for many it is a favoured asset class; property is part of the “great Australian dream”. The property market has been booming across parts of the country recently, particularly in Sydney.


Investment Property & Portfolios of Property with Incentives

The Empower Housing Group offers a range of properties located throughout Australia suitable for most types of investors. Incentives are provided by Federal and State Governments, ASX listed property developers and leading private housing providers.

Properties with Gov't NRAS Incentives

We have investment properties that include NRAS Incentives to assist in reducing personal income taxes. Owners can expect to receive 8+ years of Incentives currently valued at $11,048. Tax free!

Properties suitable for SMSF's

We have investment properties that include NRAS Incentives to increase your cash balance in the low or no tax environment of Super. Owners can expect to receive 8+ years of annual Incentives. Cap free!

Serviced Apartments with Lease Back

All types of investors can sit back and enjoy years of guaranteed lease-back from our range of serviced apartments throughout Australia - many with fixed annual returns. Up to 7% p.a is currently available!

Display Homes with Rent Back

All types of investors can now invest in new display homes. Many have up to 2-years and more of guaranteed rent back. Display homes are offered by prominent builders and developers across Australia.

CrowdFunded Properties

Property Crowdfunding enables you to join like-minded people to invest in our range of properties. Everyone contributes a small amount of money and shares in the profits proportionately. Invest from $2,000!

Hassle free Diversification

Our Property Directors take away the hard work and hand pick graded properties from across Australia. At the click of a button, you're able to invest in multiple properties in different locations.

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Unit - Tanami Drive, Broome

2      1       1 $370,000 Available

Property has 1 x Questus NRAS Incentive
Suitable for SMSF buyers
Projected p.a. Tax Benefits$14,402 Projected p.a. Surplus Cash$10,050 Rental Yield p.a.8.32% Growth Rate p.a.4.76%
Click to view

House - Jeffrey Road, Glen Iris

4      2       2 $465,000 Available

Property has 2 x Questus NRAS Incentives
Not suitable for SMSF buyers
Projected p.a. Tax Benefits$26,623 Projected p.a. Surplus Cash$20,871 Rental Yield p.a.9.48% Growth Rate p.a.2.07%

Unit - Foreshore Drive, Geraldton

2      2       1 Projected Return:
Year Term:

100% to be funded by investors
Deal Size:$754,920 Investors: 1 Funded: 0.26% Invested: $2,000.00

Investing in Property via CrowdFunding is Simple

Investing is as easy as this...

You can buy shares/units in any of our properties starting from $2,000 per property. The process is very simple and offers investor's complete security at all times. Returns come from net monthly rental income and any capital appreciation when a property is sold. All profits made on the property, be they capital gains or income are divided amongst the registered owners of a property in a direct proportion to the investors property equity holding. (i.e a 10% owner will receive 10% of the profit/income). If the property increases in value, so does your share/unit value. Best of all, unlike traditional property investment, the property is fully managed on your behalf and you can release the capital you have invested by re-selling your shares/units on the secondary market.

** Capital at risk. The market value of property can go down as well as up and the return of your capital would be dependent on a sale of a property which is not guaranteed. Gross rent and dividends may be lower than estimated. DomaCom Fund's 5 year exit on platform is subject to price & demand.


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