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Display Homes with 1, 2 or 3 Years Rentback - Oct 2016

By Robert Kirk

Empower Housing Group secures new Display Homes across Perth & Brisbane suburbs with rent-back by builders!

Financing is available to eligible investors wishing to purchase a Display Home in a Perth or Brisbane suburb.

The builders are wishing to rent-back for 1-3 years and pays all their expenses.

Above market rental returns.

Talk to us today for terms and conditions.

These properties are very suitable for SMSF's and CrowdFunded property buyers.

Disclaimer: Accessing and using any information from this site is on the condition you read and agree to the following. Before making any financial commitment to any property you should seek professional advice from a qualified and registered financial advisor. While every attempt is made to keep the information accurate and current, this site should be used to locate properties of interest to carry out further investigation as to the viability and suitability of the investment property to your personal situation. Indicative returns on investment are just that ‘indicative’ being based on information provided from third parties in regard to sale price and expected rent to be obtained. They are not deemed to be the final return once all other costs e.g legal fees, stamp duty, rental fees, utilities connections and the like associated with buying a new home are added in. Using links from this site to other web sites and the like means you are accessing information from sites we have no control over, we will not be held liable for any loss incurred from the use of information from this site and outbound linked sites. Management of Empower Housing Group and Empower Housing Group WA April 2014.

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