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New Display Home Sales

Next time you look around a display home, stop and think: you may be standing in the middle of your best investment yet.

Display homes offer a range of extremely tempting advantages, from guaranteed rent for a set period, to high yields of up to 8% pa, as well as reliable tenants with a vested interest in keeping your property ship shape.

Display homes are also a popular option for many first-time investors who are looking for some ‘surety’ to minimise risk in the first few years of building a portfolio.

If you are currently evaluating your property investment options, purchasing a display home is definitely worth your consideration.

Favourable financing options available

Empower Housing Group WA provides display homes with 100% financing. Unique to the market and available on all display homes located across Perth. Available for most types of investors and buyers including SMSF's.

Financing is a mixture of first and second mortgages available from our financing arm Platinum Mortgage Management.

How it works

For an investor who’s only ever bought property via more conventional means, the method of purchasing a display home may seem a little odd. Typically what happens is that a developer buys some land in a high-profile area and puts together a display village, marketing all the properties on the site directly to buyers.

Builders will usually look for a display home site where the action is, in a quality development with access to a large number of blocks of land. At a certain stage during the building process, or when it’s just finished, the Display home is offered for sale with leaseback from the new owner.

Leaseback is when you purchase the house and rent it back to the builder for anywhere between 12 months to 3 years. The builder uses the house as a display home and in return pays the owner a fixed rent. The rent varies but is generally higher than what someone would expect to earn renting the property to a tenant on the traditional rental market.

Higher Yields

One of the primary incentives is the guaranteed high rental yields display homes often produce. Returns of up to 8% pa for a residential investment is above-market. Traditionally, a residential property will show a much lower return and there’s no maintenance issues for the owners/investors.

The rental is guaranteed for the lease period, and in many instances the lease may be extended subject to the life of the display village. After hand over, the investor will have a great new home suitable for re-leasing or, as many investors do, move into it.

Display homes are relatively scarce and can often be difficult to find.

Homes to suit all types of buyers

We sell display homes from Australia's prominent builders.

  • Investors - This type of investment is possibly the easiest investment product on the market today
  • Owner Occupiers - Everything is done for you. All inclusive, up-market finishings with full landscaping
  • Self-managed Super Funds - Sit back and enjoy many years of capital growth

Homes across Perth suburbs are finance-ready and up to 100% LVR financing is available.

The benefits

The benefits of choosing a display home over a traditional home:

  • You get a home that is fully optioned and designed to be very appealing to all buyers.
  • On Perth homes, you can use the builders financing to assist you get into a home sooner.
  • The Builder leases-back your home with rental return options.
  • Homes with market rent + a once-off cash rebate or higher rents without cash rebates.
  • Longer lease terms ranging from minimum 12-months up to 3-years depending on the suburb.
  • All homes are managed and maintained internally and externally (including landscaping) for you by the builders at their expense.
  • Display furniture packages, fixtures and fittings are for sale if required.
  • Choose to purchase as-is (including display furniture) or in a tenant-ready condition.
  • Display homes offered for sale have been independently valued either by the Principals or bank valuers before being offered for sale.
  • Display homes are often located in premium high-growth locations surrounded by high quality homes.
  • No property management, inspection or let fees.
  • Landscaped architect designed gardens and outdoor living spaces.
  • Highest level of finish inside & out – show home quality.
  • The homes are never lived in or slept in & the appliances never used – the home is returned to you in show home condition.
  • Regular professional cleaning & maintenance to maintain show home presentation standards.

Once you have considered all the pros and cons of buying a display home as an investment property and you have stripped away all the incentives and benefits marketed by the builder and considered the investment fundamentals of the property, you’re looking at potentially -- a great long-term investment!

Click here to see all of our display homes for sale

Popular locations across Perth

  • Eglinton
  • Ellenbrook
  • Banksia Grove
  • Southern River
  • Eden Beach
  • Whitby
  • Clarkson
  • Byford
  • Golden Bay
  • Hilbert
  • Wandi
  • Piara Waters
  • Haynes
  • Alkimos
  • Aveley
  • Brabham

Popular locations across SE Qld

  • Pimpama - Gold Coast
  • Thornlands Brisbane
  • Upper Coomera - Gold Coast
  • Mango Hill - Brisbane

Other states

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